Spirit Rocks

The Spirit Rocks are available to be painted by individual students, sponsored student groups or registered student organizations. The Spirit Rocks are located outside of the Activity Center, near the Student Services Building.

Suggested paintings on the Spirit Rocks include but are not limited to event announcements, words of support and congratulations, welcome notes or creative endeavors.

Rules for Painting the Spirit Rocks

  1. All individuals, groups, and organizations must supply their own paint.
  2. Only paint the Spirit Rocks and remove all painting supplies when finished. No individual, group, or organization is permitted to paint the sidewalk, lamp posts, grass or buildings surrounding the Spirit Rocks. The individual, group, or organization will be held financially responsible for the cleaning costs associated with violation of this policy.
  3. Spirit Rock paintings must be in good taste. Keep in mind that what is painted on the Rock reflects on you and/or your organization.
  4. Paintings must be in accordance with the University's Handbook of Operating Procedures. Students found in violation of these procedures will be subject to discipline in accordance with Student Code of Conduct.

The group or individual painting a Spirit Rock assumes liability for any individual or member of the group or organization who may be injured and/or for actions associated with the activity.

Student Union staff will regularly monitor the Spirit Rocks, just as they monitor bulletin boards, to ensure that postings fall within the above established guidelines.