Green Initiative

As defined by Student Government resolution, the Green Initiative is aimed at improving campus sustainability. This includes items like infrastructure and efficiency projects; recycling and waste water reduction efforts; expanding mass transit availabiInteresting in submitting an idea?

Green Initiative Chair: Joey Campain
[email protected]

Make UTD Green: Project Submission

Have an idea about how UTD can be more sustainable? Student Government wants to hear from you! Each year, Student Government dedicates funding to implement student projects related to sustainability. Multiple projects may be selected depending on funding. If your project is chosen, you will be invited to work with SG on its implementation.Interesting in submitting an idea? Follow the submission guide below. Information you will need for your submission:

  1. Project Title
  2. Brief Description of Project
  3. How would your project benefit UT Dallas?
  4. Relevant attachments *

*Attachments may include but are not limited to:

  1. A link to a similar project at another University
  2. A cost analysis of the project
  3. A longer description of the project
  4. A letter from a UT Dallas staff or faculty member voicing support for th project
  5. Results of a relevant student survey
Submit your idea now: Make UTD Green submission form

Sustainable Semesters : The Water Crisis

This Spring, Student Government in partnership with The Office of Sustainability is launching a new way to learn about sustainability. Introducing Sustainable Semesters: The Water Crisis.

During this ten-week program, students will explore the scarcity of water both in the United States and around the world. The group will meet every two weeks for a seminar-style discussion on the provided materials. The course is free to all registered students, staff, and faculty wanting to attend.

Miss the introductory meeting? No worries! Sign up to attend a session below.

Curriculum and Timeline:

All meetings are at 5:00pm, locations are SSA 14.244.

  1. February 27 - Dr. Stephanie Taylor – UT Dallas
  2. March 13 - Mr. Patrick Dickinson - Texas A&M Agrilife Water University
  3. March 27 - Dr. Jillian Duquaine-Watson – UT Dallas
  4. Apr. 10 – Dr. Bernine Khan – UT Dallas
  5. Apr. 24 – Ms. Meaghan Bresnahan – Environmental Protection Agency

Several reasons for participating:

  • All resources for the course (book, documentaries, etc.) are provided free of charge.
  • The Office of Sustainability has offered 50 sustainable service hours for participating. These hours count towards the Global Citizen Sustainable Service Honors (hyperlink: program.
  • Earth X 2019 will be hosting a film at UT Dallas during Earth Week. Discussion during the next seminar will include a small section dedicated to the Earth X film.
  • To find a group of students as interested in sustainability as you are!